Wherever you are, you're better together πŸŽ‰

Virtual office for remote teams

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Connect with your team

View the conversations in your office

Join the #water-cooler channel to banter about personal life ️

Feel present with your teammates with live avatars

One-click conversations

Start conversations instantly with a single click, similar to a walkie-talkie

Enter your #office channel to signal that you’re available for a chat

Introduce serendipitous conversations into your team

Crystal clear video and screen share

Turn on your video to feel more connected

Share your latest designs, features, and presentation

Multiple people can share their screens to seamlessly collaborate

πŸ› οΈ
Integrate with your favorite tools

Use your existing tools to enhance the virtual office

Learn how you can use these integrations as social signals

πŸ‘ πŸ‘ More to come!

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Our Story

After two years of remote work, we were inspired by the flexibility of remote work, but frustrated with the loneliness and communication overhead. We built Pragli to solve these problems.

Vivek Nair

Doug Safreno

We previously founded StacksWare, which was acquired by Avi Networks. Before that, we graduated from Stanford in 2015 with Computer Science degrees. Vivek still teaches there for fun sometimes.