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Virtual Office for Remote Teams

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See your Team in the Virtual Office

View the conversations in your office. Feel connected with your teammates with live avatars, periodic photos, or both

Live avatar
Photo Mode

Start Frictionless Conversations

Instantly start audio conversations by clicking on your teammates, similar to a "walkie talkie"

Hang Out at the Water Cooler

Use channels to host daily standup, jump into the water cooler, or get work done in the silent room

Boost Meetings with Rich Video & Screen Sharing

Turn on your video to feel more connected, or screen share your latest designs, features, and presentations

Our Story

Vivek Nair

Doug Safreno

After two years of remote work, we were inspired by the flexibility of remote work, but frustrated with the loneliness and communication overhead. We built Pragli to solve these problems.

We previously founded StacksWare (acquired by Avi Networks) and, before that, graduated from Stanford in 2015 with Computer Science degrees. Vivek still teaches there for fun sometimes.

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