Introducing 🌴 Battle Islands 🌴, a team building game

We added a new game to Pragli! "Battle Islands" is a temporary team game that will run for the next month or so.

In Battle Islands, you and your entire team challenge another random Pragli team to an island battle. Turns are taken asynchronously, day by day, until one team wins. Everyone on the winning team gets a special crown.

How it works

To get started, click the new 🌴 Battle Islands 🌴 icon in your sidebar, then search for a match.

Your entire team will anonymously get matched with another distinct Pragli team.

Once you're matched, you'll receive a board with four islands. You'll also see the enemy board, but obscured by clouds.

Each day, you and up to 6 members of your team can take a shot at the enemy board. Whichever team hits all of the enemy isles first, wins.

The prize

The winning team unlocks the Battle Islands crown for the entire team.

Battle Islands is temporary

Battle Islands is the first of hopefully many temporary team building experiences that we intend to add to Pragli. It'll be around for a month or so, and then we'll take it down.

Try it out, and let us know what you think!

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