Introducing Discussions

Right now, Pragli is great for audio / video conversation. However, if you want to text message people, the only option is to DM them. There's no way to group message.

To solve this, we're introducing Pragli discussions: text conversations that can have as may people as you'd like.

Note: if you don't want the discussions interface, you can collapse it to the left of the Discussions header.

How to use discussions

We've created an "Everyone" discussion by default that you can play with (or delete, if you don't want it).

To create a discussion, choose whether you want it to be private / if you want to choose the members. It's worth noting that, if a discussion is public, anyone can add themselves to the discussion, even if you choose members beforehand.

You can then reorder, mute / unmute, or pin / unpin discussions. Unpinned discussions are always available under "Other discussions".

@ Mentions

We've also added @ mentions, for getting peoples' attention in discussions. They'll get a notification even if they've muted or unpinned the discussion (unless they don't have access).

Have feedback about discussions? Let us know what you think via the "Pragli team" chat.

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