Introducing the Pragli Scheduler for Google Calendar

Introducing the Pragli Scheduler for Google Calendar

If you use Pragli regularly, you probably don't just use it for impromptu conversation. You also use it for meetings.

To date, meetings have been annoying to schedule in Pragli - you had to copy a link to a room and paste it into the invitation for the event. These therefore always had to take place in permanent rooms, where there was a risk of conflict (what if someone scheduled a meeting at the same time in the same room?).

Now, we're introducing Pragli Scheduler for Google Calendar, a browser extension that allows you to schedule Pragli meetings directly in Google Calendar with one click.

How to use the extension

Step 1: Install the extension here.

Step 2: Create a Google Calendar event, and press "Add Pragli"

Step 3: Pragli will fill in the description and location. By default, this will link to a temporary room for the meeting. Just click save!

Features & Limitations

Guests are supported!

Meetings scheduled using the calendar extension are guest links, meaning that people outside your organization can use the link.

If someone who isn't a member of your team uses the meeting link, they will join this room only, and won't be able to see the rest of your team.

If someone who is a member of your team uses the link, they'll join Pragli per usual, and will automatically enter the room.

Guests only see the room, not the rest of the team

Customize the team and room

If you are a member of multiple teams, Pragli will automatically choose a team for your extension meetings, but it may not be the right one.

In addition, you may want to have all of your meetings occur in the same room, eg your personal office room, rather than new temporary rooms each time.

You can customize both under extension settings (see below).

Firefox, Outlook coming soon

Initially, the extension is only available for Google Calendar on Google Chrome, though we'll be adding support for Firefox soon.

Outlook users - we're looking into adding an extension for Outlook as well!

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