Frequently Asked Questions

Note: you may also want to read Pragli best practices.

Pricing: How is Pragli priced?

Pragli is free while in open beta.

Pricing: How will Pragli be priced when beta ends?

We intend to introduce a paid tier (per user per month/year) alongside a free-forever tier, but our plans may change.

Beta: How long will the beta last?

As of this writing (Jan 2020), there's no end in sight. However, I have a hard time imagining we will end 2020 still in beta.

Beta: Pragli crashed / I found a bug / something was unintuitive. How can I report it?

Please please log the issue via Intercom, the chat bubble in the bottom-right of Pragli. We depend on your reports to improve Pragli, so please let us know when you run into something!

Privacy: When someone starts a conversation with me or pulls me into a channel, can they hear or see me?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: when person X starts a conversation with person Y or pulls person Y into a channel, by default person X has audio on and video off, and person Y has audio off and video off (to protect privacy).
Your own defaults can be customized in "My User" → "Audio Video Preferences"

Privacy: When I have "Live Avatar - Facial Recognition" on, my camera is always on. Why? Where is the video going?

"Live Avatar - Facial Recognition" uses your camera to detect you. All detection is done locally on your computer. No video is uploaded / transferred anywhere.

Your horizontal position, plus your smile state, is transferred (as numbers) to move avatars on other people's screens. No history is saved.

Privacy: When I set my status, can people still pull me into a channel / start a conversation with me?

Your status can be automatically managed by your calendar, or manually overridden. Either way, you determine the behavior. You can tell what Pragli is doing by the icon to the left of your name.

From the Pragli manual status menu

You can select this manually in the status menu, or configure how calendar events show up under "My User" → "Integrations."

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