Fix Chrome Browser Permissions for Pragli

If you're running into issues with Firefox audio/video, check out the Firefox tutorial here.

If you're running into issues with Safari audio/video, check out the Safari tutorial here.

Chrome browser permissions can be a nightmare. Follow these steps to give Pragli permission to use your camera and microphone.

Accept Basic Permissions

In the "Jump into the Meeting" page, accept the Chrome permissions modal at the top of the page. Then, you should have enough permissions to start the Pragli call.

If you don't see this modal, accept the permissions by clicking the camera at the top right of the browser and accepting the microphone permissions.

If the camera icon is missing in the top right, we will have to dive into the Chrome settings to resolve the permissions issue.

Open the Chrome settings

Navigate to the triple dots at the top right of Chrome and select Settings.

Search for the permissions

Type "permissions" in the search bar and select "Site Settings"

Ensure that Pragli has not been blocked

Click on both "Camera" and "Microphone" and make sure that Pragli ( was not accidentally blocked for both devices. If the service was blocked, remove it from the blocked list.

Approve Pragli for camera and microphone access

For good measure, ensure that you explicitly approve Pragli to use your camera and microphone. Visit this Chrome settings site in your browser to pull up Pragli's device approval information (you have to copy this directly into your URL bar).


Approve both camera and microphone usage with Pragli.

Still not working?

If these steps don't work, contact us with the chat bubble at the home page of Pragli or email me at [email protected].