Getting Started with Pragli


Virtual office - Pragli is a virtual office for remote teams. The goal of Pragli is to help teammates communicate more effectively and build closeness/combat loneliness

Social signals - in an office, you know when to communicate with someone based on social signals, like whether they are at their desk, wearing headphones, etc. Pragli virtually replicates certain signals so your teammates actively know when they can get ahold of you and passively feel more present with you. (More about social signals)

Conversations - click on a teammate to instantly start an audio-only conversation with them. To protect their privacy, they are muted by default, but you can be heard immediately. Block others from starting conversations with the calendar integration or manual statuses.

Channels - the virtual equivalent of conference rooms. Use channels like #water-cooler or #silent-room for recurring meetings, project war rooms, or just places to hang out.

Step 1: Download the desktop app

Navigate here, then click Download.

The desktop app is more full featured than the web app, including:

  • Mouse / keyboard detection for "Live Avatar - Mouse / Keyboard" (see step 3)
  • Better accuracy for "Live Avatar - Facial Recognition" (see step 3)
  • Task bar - a floating toolbar that appears while in a channel or conversation for muting, screen sharing, leaving, etc
  • Scheduling - it's healthy to unplug at the end of the work day. Automatically sync Pragli boot & shutdown with your work schedule (see step 5)

Step 2: Join or create a team

Join: click the "+" on the left-hand side of Pragli and then paste your invite link. If you joined Pragli via an invite link or with a company email address, a team may automatically appear on the left side; click it to get started.

Create: click the "+" on the left-hand side of Pragli, select "Create a Team", then enter your desired team name. Afterwards, invite some teammates.

Step 3: Setup your "Live Avatar"

Click on your avatar in the top left to go to "My User Preferences," then navigate to "Appearance."

Live Avatars represent you to your teammates; they also convey certain social signals, like whether you are at your desk. By default, Pragli uses mouse & keyboard activity (desktop only), but you can also set Pragli to use your camera + facial recognition to convey additional social information like your expression.

Note that with "Live Avatar - Facial Recognition," the camera is always on, but all video is processed locally on your computer - no video is uploaded or recorded.

Step 4: Integrate your calendar to automatically set your status

Go to "My User Preferences," then navigate to "Integrations," then select Microsoft or Google Calendar.

Your calendar status shows as a badge on top of your live avatar, communicating your availability. In addition, others will be blocked from starting conversations with you (customizable).

Step 5: Set your schedule (desktop only)

Go to "My User Preferences," then navigate to "Schedule"

We recommend customizing Pragli to run during all of your work hours. Rather than quitting Pragli when busy, use the calendar integration to automatically convey availability during work hours. Consider scheduling calendar events to block time for deep work.

Next Up

  • Learn best practices for using Pragli as a team
  • Get your presence / privacy and other questions answered in the FAQ
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