Top 25 remote cities in the US

Data from our remote trends tool & remote trends analysis. Originally from 2017 US Govt ACS survey.

What are the top cities for remote workers?

It's a hard question to answer. Ask "which city has the most remote workers" - and the answer is New York City, America's most populous city.

Instead, I focused on Vivek's metric - cities with 40,000 or more people, sorted on remote work percentage of population. I ended up with the above graphic. Note the cutoff to make this graph is 6.135% remote.

Some takeaways / notes:

  • Encinitas, CA has the highest remote %, at 9.573%
  • Bethesda, MD (the blue dot on the right) is the highest earning, with a median income of $154,559
  • Scottsdale, AZ is the largest city by remote population to make the list, with 13,739 remote workers
  • Remote work hotspots: the LA - San Diego area has 5 cities, Dallas - Forth Worth has 3, and greater Denver has 3
  • Remote people love warm places! 16/25 cities are south of Kentucky, and only 2 are north of Missouri
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