How to Host Calendar Meetings in Pragli

You already use Pragli for internal communication, but what about when you need to talk to someone outside your organization? Or what about cross-team meetings with someone who isn’t on Pragli?

In this article, I explain how to schedule calendar video conferences in Pragli that anyone can join without becoming a member of your Pragli team.

First, you need a channel where your meeting is going to take place. You may already have one, like #stand-ups for your daily standup, or you may need to create one. For example, I personally use #doug-office to host 1 on 1 meetings with people outside of Pragli.

Once you’ve created the channel, grab the channel link by clicking the link icon on the right edge of the channel.

Create the meeting

Paste the link into your calendar event in the “where” field and add the relevant people per usual.

Example from Google Calendar

Join the meeting

Click on the meeting link to join the meeting. If you have the desktop app, Pragli automatically opens the link in the desktop app.

The meeting from the host's perspective

Attendees who aren’t part of your Pragli organization or don’t have a Pragli account join in guest mode - they only see the attendees of the meeting (and not the rest of your team).

The guest view of the meeting

(Optional) Promote guests

Guest attendees can request full team access by clicking on the blue button - a full member will have to confirm them.

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