Inviting your teammates to Pragli

Here are a few ways to invite your teammates to Pragli.

1. Create an invite link: The easiest way to add your teammates to Pragli is to send them an invite link.

Then, send the copied link to your teammates.

2. Invite them by email: type your teammate's email address and we'll send them an invite.

Your teammate should receive an email that looks similar to this in their inbox. They should click on that to access your team.

3. Invite them through Slack

If you haven't added Slack, follow these instructions:

Once Slack is configured, select the user or channel that you want to send the invite to.

We will send the following Slack message to the user or channel. Once they click on the link in the message, they will have full access to your team.

Still confused?

If you're having trouble with invitations, feel free to send us a message with the support chat bubble in the bottom right of the application or by sending an email to [email protected].