🛣️ Overview


To apply or learn more about any role, please reach out to [email protected].

🥰 Mission

Our mission is to make remote work less lonely and more effective. We're accomplishing this by building Pragli, a fun, all-in-one communication tool for remote teams. We often refer to it as a virtual office for remote teams.

🧱 Values

Positivity & fun: we believe in our ability to create positive change and have fun while doing it. We create a product that inspires the same in others.

Inclusiveness & diversity: we are committed to creating a diverse workforce where all people feel welcome. We create a product that inspires the same in others.

Empathetic honesty: we speak our minds and have hard conversations without being jerks and while staying open-minded

Pragmatic craftspeople: we take pride in the quality and volume of our work, but not to the point where we become jerks, lose focus on our mission, or harm our personal lives.

Trust: we trust our co-workers to make the right decision and expect their trust in return. We don't add process where trust will suffice.

Healthy & happy: we put time and energy into our own mental and physical health, our friends and family, and other personal goals / responsibilities.

📈 Status

  • Founded in April 2019, launched in April 2020
  • We have significant early traction (hundreds of teams)
  • Pre-seed funding raised in April 2020
  • The company currently consists of only the two founders (one in 🌉 San Francisco, one a nomad currently in 🌴 Honolulu), but we're hoping to expand to five people shortly.

🔨 Founding engineer (full stack, any seniority, remote in US time zone)


  • Role is fully remote and requires US time zone
  • Competency in JavaScript
  • Competency in React and/or React Native
  • Shares our values (above) and believes in our mission
  • Any seniority! As long as you know JavaScript and React. Compensation will vary with seniority.

Tech stack

Desktop / web:

  • React JS
  • Firebase real-time database


  • React Native (JS)
  • Firebase real-time database


  • Firebase real-time database
  • Node JS scripting
  • Janus WebRTC media server

Perks & benefits

  • Fully remote company (the ultimate perk!)
  • Work / life balance
  • Medical, dental, vision insurance
  • $5,000 towards home office equipment

🔨 Software engineering intern (full stack, any seniority, remote in US time zone)

We are open to interviewing excellent candidates who aren't ready to accept full-time opportunities, but keep in mind that we may not end up filling this role.

The requirements and technologies for this position are very similar to the founding engineer role.

Next steps

To apply or learn more about this role, please reach out to [email protected].

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