Announcing Pragli mobile web support (early access)

Announcing Pragli mobile web support (early access)

I'm excited to share that we've launched Pragli mobile web support in early access. Now, you can hop into a Pragli room while you're on the go.

Note that early access means that the mobile web app is not considered stable, and you should continue to use the desktop app for the most stable possible experience.

New Pragli member Stella demonstrates the Pragli mobile web app

Why Pragli mobile web?

We built Pragli mobile web to solve two of our biggest pieces of customer feedback.

#1: Users want to talk to co-workers while they are on the the go. This could be on a walk, in the airport, or just around the house.

#2: Users want to run Pragli on their tablet to the side of their desktop setup.

Why not a Pragli mobile app?

Frankly, this was a lot faster to implement. This web app uses the same code base as the desktop and web apps.

We still plan to offer a full app at some point. For now, you can install the Pragli mobile web app to your home screen, and we encourage you to do that for a close-to-native experience. See "How to use Pragli mobile" below.


Pragli mobile has the following features:

  • Create / delete rooms and teams
  • Manage members (invite / remove)
  • Integrate services (calendar, Spotify, etc)
  • Join a room
  • Play trivia
  • Chat
  • Turn on audio
  • Turn on video
  • View others' audio, video, or screenshare


Pragli mobile has the following limitations:

  • "Closed door" only - no open door support for the time being
  • No screen share (but can view others' screens)
  • No "video avatar" support
  • Limited to certain browsers (see below)
  • (iOS) cannot be in a room with more than 4 people
  • (Android) cannot be in a room with more than 12 people

Supported operating systems

With the launch of Pragli mobile, we support all of the follow operating systems.

Note: EA stands for early access, meaning it is actively being worked on and isn't considered stable.

macOS Windows Linux iOS Android Chromebook
Native app Yes Yes EA no no n/a
Installed web app no no no EA EA n/a
Chrome Yes Yes EA no EA EA
Edge (Chromium) Yes Yes n/a no EA n/a
Safari EA n/a n/a EA n/a n/a
Firefox Yes Yes EA no no n/a
Samsung n/a n/a n/a n/a EA n/a

How to use Pragli mobile

There are two ways to use Pragli on mobile: via an installed web app or in the mobile browser.

Navigate to on a mobile device, then choose "Install Pragli." Pragli will prompt you with instructions on how to install the web app.

Pragli web browser

Navigate to on a mobile device, then choose your sign in provider.


In the mobile layout (<820 px wide), we disable Intercom since it gets too big and annoying.

To give us feedback (feature requests, bug reports, or anything else), please send me an email at [email protected] or use Pragli on a larger layout to open Intercom.

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