Introducing Pragli's new presenter view

Introducing Pragli's new presenter view

I'm excited to introduce Pragli's new presenter view. This is the the view that pops up whenever you click on someone's screen / video to maximize it.

Why redo presenter view

At its core, Pragli is all about the grid view. We believe that "brady bunch" style video conferencing is critical to making remote work successful (our blog post here).

However, when it comes to screen share, you need more real estate.

Pragli's old presenter view only showed the full screen share, which gave the real estate but took away the rest of the Pragli interface.

With the new interface, we give a lot more features while in the full presenter view.

What changed

The new presenter view adds a new presenter side bar. Now, in addition to viewing the presenter, you can view everyone else's video / share along the right-hand side of the screen. It also allows you to chat while in full screen.

In addition to docking to the right, the side bar can be hidden and can run transparently over the screen share.

Note that the the side bar hides itself on thin displays (most mobile devices, some people using Pragli to the side).


Let us know what you think of the new presenter view by connecting with us via Intercom (the blue chat button). You'll need to exit presenter view to see the Intercom bubble.

We're looking forward to your feedback.

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