Introducing Screen Drawing in Pragli

Introducing Screen Drawing in Pragli

To date, Pragli screen share has been pretty simple. You could see their screen and... that's about it. There hasn't been a way to directly participate in the work on the presenter's screen.

We are excited to announce the release of screen drawing in Pragli! When your teammate shares their screen, call attention to important details by directly drawing on their screen.

Why add screen drawing

Since the early days of Pragli, improving our screen share has been highly requested by users.

In early June, we began this process by adding a new presenter mode to show video streams alongside the main screen share. Screen drawing is the next step. With screen drawing, screen share becomes significantly more interactive. You can use screen share to point out details, strike through things that need work, or underline sentences that you want to emphasize.

How to use screen drawing

To enable screen drawing, the person sharing their screen must

  1. Use the Pragli desktop application
  2. Share their entire screen

Then, viewers just need to click and drag on the screen to draw. To customize the color and draw size, use the picker in the top right.


Let us know what you think of our new screen drawing feature and what other collaborative features we should add by shooting us a message in Intercom (the blue chat bubble).

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