Icebreakers for Virtual Teams

Why host icebreakers for your remote team?

Icebreakers help teams build closeness by creating opportunity for teammates to engage away from day-to-day work tasks. Icebreakers are especially important for virtual teams, who can struggle to build closeness without organic office run-ins.

In Pragli, users can use the built-in trivia icebreaker, or use video conferencing and screen share to play many others.

Trivia Icebreaker in Pragli

Pragli features trivia as a built-in, fully-featured icebreaker for your team.

How to play Trivia in Pragli

To get started, sign into your Pragli team, and then create a trivia room.

Once you've setup your room, invite your colleagues with the meeting link.

Finally, press "Start" to get playing!

Other Icebreakers

Your team can do many other icebreakers such as suggested here using Pragli video conferencing.

Get Started With Icebreakers in Pragli

Get started hosting icebreakers in Pragli by signing up and trying it out for free! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the chat bubble at the bottom right of the page.